Get TopBrainiac.SalesMarketing solutions that help you grow your sales with greater efficiency—by saving time and getting the leads you need when you need them. And because it’s Top Brainiac, you can trust that the solution is built on IBM technology, so growing your sales doesn’t have to mean growing your IT and go-to-market costs. 
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TopBrainiac.SalesMarketing Design
 TopBrainiac.SalesMarketing solutions are designed to increase your sales and marketing efficiency. Our web applications and mobile applications can be conjoined to make a seamless experience for your users. Our sales and marketing solutions are built on top of IBM technology to include, Watson, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive computing, and statistics. 
TopBrainiac.SalesMarketing Features 
This software solution has predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics. It can be customized and contain the following key features:
  • Predictive lead generation- The software programmatically evaluates lead list quality and allows you to target the best leads. This increases outbound sales productivity.
  • Rank and scoring-When you input a target lead, the system will find similar leads and give each lead a rank and score on how fit they are with your sales model. This can reduce time wasted on bad leads, improve lead quality, and sales efficiency.
  • Prescriptive next steps- The system suggests a marketing approach for your customer based on the customer's psychological traits. Suggestions can include which discount type to offer, call to action elements, and media to use (e-mail, social media, TV, and the like). The psychological information is gathered from purchase decisions and social media data. This feature can increase conversion rates.
  • Twitter sentiment analysis- This can allow you to see real-time Twitter tweets regarding your brand as well as your competitors', and you can click to respond directly to each person who tweets. Such insight can help you to increase reputation management, offer relevant deals to interested buyers, clear misconceptions about your product offerings, differentiate your company from your competitors.
  • Cognitive marketing analytics with weather- Add real-time weather data with forecasting to increase your cognitive marketing analytics. This feature can automatically suggest best product/service offerings based on weather. Weather influences emotions, and emotions influence buyer intent. If it's raining, a message can populate for your sales team to offer relevant items at a discounted price: windshield wipers, allergy relief, raincoats, coffee, and more.
  • Predictive recommendation- This feature scores the likelihood that a buyer will buy other items. For example, a buyer just bought a gold watch. The system could say that the buyer is 87% likely to buy a diamond ring, 70% likely to buy a pendant, and 62% likely to buy silver earrings. Well, the sales agent could first offer the diamond ring, then the pendant, and then the silver earrings. This recommender system increases upsell and profit. You can use it at point of sale as well for follow-up marketing campaigns.
  • Virtual agent- We can train a "robot" to act as your sales agent. Use the virtual agent to chat with customers and handle presales as well as sales questions. This feature can increase staffing efficiency.
  • Performance analytics- See how your apps are performing. Get real-time data and insight. Generate reports.
Overall, TopBrainiac.SalesMarketing can help your company save time that's wasted chasing bad leads, increase customer loyalty, and increase sales. Notwithstanding, we integrate top of the line security, networking, and storage.

Use only the sales features in TopBrainiac.SalesMarketing to reduce the number of sales agents needed and increase ROI.

Use only the sales features in TopBrainiac.SalesMarketing to reduce the number of sales agents needed and increase ROI.
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TopBrainiac.SalesMarketing Tech Tip: Put a Hoover's sales leads list in TopBrainiac.SalesMarketing so that TopBrainiac.SalesMarketing can evaluate and score each lead as an "A" to "F". You can focus on your "A" and "B" leads. Export leads into Microsoft Dynamics CRM for easy follow up to sale and post-sale.
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