Get TopBrainiac.HumanResources solutions that help you target the best applicants and shorten your hiring cycles while reducing number of staff hours required to hire applicants. With Top Brainiac, you can trust that this IT solution is built on IBM technology, so increasing your human resources efficiency can reduce costs associated with outdated technology. 
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TopBrainiac.HumanResources Design
Our human resources solutions are designed to increase your employee recruitment and retention efficiency. Our web applications and mobile applications can be conjoined to make a seamless experience for your human resources department. Our human resources solutions are built on top of IBM technology to include, Watson, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive computing, and statistics. 
TopBrainiac.HumanResources Features
This software solution has predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics. It can be customized and contain the following key features:

  • Predictive applicant generation- The software programmatically evaluates applicant list quality and allows you to target the best applicants. This increases outbound recruitment productivity.
  • Rank and scoring-When you input a target applicant, the system will find similar applicants and give each applicant a rank and score on how fit they are with your organizational model. This can reduce time wasted on bad applicants, improve applicant quality, and human resources efficiency.
  • Predictive recommendation- This feature scores the likelihood that a decision is successful and helps you answer tough questions:. Which applicant should we hire? Which award should I give this employee? Which pay level should I offer this employee? Which incentive should I offer this employee?
  • Prescriptive next steps- The software can help you solve complex operations problems to include scheduling, resource management, and planning. This feature can save time wasted in meetings to solve complex problems. Such benefits improve operating efficiency, reduce costs, increase ROI, and increase gross profit.
  • Virtual agent- We can train a "robot" to act as your human resources agent. Use the virtual agent to chat with applicants as well as employees and handle pre-employment as well as general human resources questions. This feature can increase staffing efficiency.
  • Performance analytics- See how your apps are performing. Get real-time data and insight. Generate reports.
Overall, TopBrainiac.HumanResources can help your company save time that's wasted evaluating bad applicants, increase employee productivity, and improve employee engagement. Notwithstanding, we integrate top of the line security, networking, and storage..
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