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Welcome to Top Brainiac University! Our courses are scheduled to arrive November 2016. We're excited and look forward to offering business skills that pay the bills. You can choose from hundreds of courses. We'll offer courses in human resources, analytics, marketing, IT, customer service, and management. Take courses to increase employability and add skills to your resume. Also, strengthen skills to help you run your business better. 
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Course Structure and Presales
Whatever the case, you can take courses, pass, and earn certificates of completion to demonstrate skills. Courses contain video instruction, assessments (quizzes), and ability to earn certificates. Our course subscriptions cost a fraction of our management consulting fees; and we're pleased to offer them as a way of "giving back" to our community. Before, courses launch, we will have a short presales event. During presales, you can buy course subscriptions at deep discount. Sign up for our newsletter to stay posted on presales coupons and course launch.
Small Businesses and Other Companies
Small businesses and other companies can use our courses to train their employees. If you have at least 10 users, then we can brand your course area, for free, with your logo and theme so that your employees recognize the area as yours. Also, we can offer your employees tailored courses that you approve. Otherwise, they can take random courses at leisure. In addition, we allow you to manage your course area so you log in and see how your employees are progressing_ whether they've passed courses and earned certificates or started courses but did not finish. We help you leverage our technology for your company's benefit. In addition, technical support is available as well.
Very Small Businesses and Individuals
Very small businesses can use our courses for employee training. If you have one to 9 users on your account, we can brand your area for an additional fee. Also, for an additional fee, we can tailor courses and allow you to manage your course area. Otherwise, you can enjoy a non-branded area and take whatever courses you choose at your leisure on a regular subscription. 
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