Sales Leads

Sales Leads
Get sales leads with decision makers' contact information and company's news to have meaningful conversations with potential clients, reduce your prospecting time, shorten your sales cycle, and win new business. With Hoover's flagship sales and marketing tool, it's possible, and Top Brainiac is authorized to sell it to you to help your business perform better.
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Hoover's flagship tool allows you to expand your sales and marketing initiatives:

Customer Research

Hoover's has more than 85 million company records, including 63
million small international companies and 22 million North
American companies.

You have the ability to view only those companies’ records that contain
Hoover’s editorial coverage__ which can include latest news and management changes.

The prescreen score is intended for marketing pre-screening
purposes only. Target companies in accordance with required
credit terms; if credit terms are strict, consider targeting only
Low Risk companies.

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Find New Leads

Generate targeted marketing and prospecting lists by
choosing from 70+ selection criteria, including location,
financials, industry, number of employees, and more.

Find records matching ANY or EVERY Location or
Company Size criteria entered

Download up to 50,000 records at one time

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Get Contact Information

Get an email address and/or a direct-dial phone number for
US business contacts, including mid-level managers,
directors, supervisors, etc.

Approximately 20 million email addresses and two million
direct-dial phone numbers

Build lists using “ConnectMail” as a filter criteria so that
results only contain records with an email and/or direct-dial
Hoover's Sales Lead Tech Tip: Put a Hoover's sales lead list in Top Brainiac's predictive lead generation tool TopBrainiac.SalesMarketing so that TopBrainiac.SalesMarketing can evaluate and score each lead to allow you to focus on your best leads. Export leads into Microsoft Dynamics CRM for easy follow up to sale and post-sale.
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