Artificial intelligence is considered as part of an industrial revolution. Just as China has high speed growth from AI and innovative technology, America can do the same. Top Brainiac, a US based company, helps clients use artificial intelligence to meet their challenges across industries. We have deep industry insights and provide fresh perspectives. We aim for our solutions to position our clients as leaders of excellence not followers of cookie-cutter mediocrity.

Agriculture, forestry, and fishing companies face more challenges than ever; and, to thrive, they must balance high nutritional consumer value with boosting production.

Legal Services
Law firms that restructure business models to address need for client-centered services, increased efficiency, and reduced costs competitively compete. We help with using technology for price prediction, case outcome prediction, automation, and client-centric brand imaging.          
Construction and Real Estate 
We have the strategic perspective to help real estate, engineering, and construction companies to address their most challenging issues to include corporate governance, infrastructure development, regulatory reform, and deployment of capital.

The digital world is transforming sports and entertainment. Companies that take advantage of opportunities from innovation and technology can position themselves for competitive advantage.          
Consumer Products 
Complex consumer behavior creates opportunities and challenges for consumer products companies.

Labor pool shrinkages, regulatory demands, and consumer technology demands challenge restaurants. Companies that turn the profit eating challenges into opportunities can increase profit.          
Financial Services 
We help financial services companies, to include banking and insurance, manage risk and handle the demanding challenges set forth in their sector.

Need for speed, digital technology, and consumer behavior add complexity to the retail industry.          
Healthcare & Life Sciences 
Healthcare companies must deliver value for patients while stream lining processes, reducing costs, juggling technologies, and using data.

Running software, hardware, and technology services businesses creates management challenges. Two keys to growth are speed and innovation.          
Industrial Goods & Services 
We focus our automotive, aerospace and defense, and other clients on sustainability. We help with streamlined processes and low-risk cost structures.

Utilities & Alternative Energy
We help utilities and alternative energy companies with reducing their carbon foot print while optimizing operational efficiency.          
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