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How We Do It

Top Brainiac Inc. uses a client-centered, industry driven approach that incorporates strategic value. We infuse the best mix of off-the-shelf products with customized solutions.  We research. gain deep insight, and offer fresh solution. We are Top Brainiac and put our stamp on all that we do.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that when clients follow our proven suggestions, they see ROI. When a potential client submits a request for proposal (RFP), we assess the request to see if we can take on the client. If it is determined that we can take on the client, then we respond to the request with a written proposal. Every proposal contains a benefits section which outlines our guaranteed ROI given the client adheres to our suggestions. Clients see multiple times the amount that they pay for our fees.

our process infographic

Our Process Infographic

This infographic depicts our process fro RFP to implementation.
Let us guide you through our step by step process. 

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