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5/2/2017- 5/5/2017 - $29
According to CIO, business intelligence helps companies outperform their competitors. In all, 76% of executives from top performing companies cited data collection as essential compared to 42% of executives from lagging companies.

Attend Powerful Technology Tips You Need to Know to Boost Performance to learn about technology tools that can help you identify who's likely to buy from you, predict inventory sell to reduce waste, unlock upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and put relevant customer data in a central repository for real-time analysis and optimized decision making. In this powerful on-demand, 45 minute video webcast, you'll learn:
  • Overview of Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics: Learn the basics of business intelligence that can help your organization in different areas.
  • Real Business Solutions: Know whats available to you. Lean about technology that can help you get insights on customers, human resources, marketing, sales, operations, and more.
  • Tips to Increase Performance: Arm your self wit strategies to start positively impacting your organization's performance.
Buy a 3 hour pass for $29 and watch this 45 minute webcast multiple times.

4/30/2017-5/6/2017- FREE
According to the Boston Consulting Group, small and mid size businesses that stay ahead in technology far outperform their peers in the marketplace__increase annual revenues 15% faster and create jobs almost 2 times faster than companies with lower levels of technology adoption.

Attend Technology Strategies You Need to Know to Boost Productivity to learn about technology tools that can help you connect with customers and ways you can save time and run your business more efficiently. In this powerful, free, on-demand webcast, you'll learn:
  • Overview of Connecting with Customers: Learn about different ways to offer customers a more personalized experience.
  • Real Business Solutions: Know your options. Learn about different technologies that you can access to completely disrupt and transform your business.
  • Tips to Increase Productivity: Defeating time requires a strategy. Learn ways SMBs can use technology to defend themselves against wasting time.

According to the Wall Street Journal, over 34,000 computer security incidents occur every day – and 62 percent of those incidents involve breaches of small and medium-sized businesses.*

Attend Cybersecurity Secrets You Need to Know to Boost Protection to learn about the rising threat of cybercrime against small and midsize businesses and 5 ways you can protect your business. In this powerful, free, on-demand webcast, you'll learn:
  • Overview of the Business of Cybercrime: Learn about the different categories of cybercriminals, including the sophisticated blackhats who operate like a well-run business.
  • How Cybercrime as a Service has Changed Cybercrime: Know what you're up against. Learn about the different “services” cybercriminals have access to that can completely harm your organization.
  • Tips to Protect Your Business: Defeating an enemy requires a strategy. Learn five ways SMBs can defend themselves from this insidious threat.

* - Simon, Ruth. “‘Ransomware’ a Growing Threat to Small Businesses.” The Wall Street Journal. April 15, 2015.

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