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Financing Options
Do you want to grow your business but don't have the money to do it? Do you want payment options? Do you see money as the obstacle between your company's present state and future success? Our financing options help businesses of all sizes finance our management consulting services so that they can focus on growing their businesses and move towards long-term goals. We have a guaranteed approval financing program and offer flexible payment options. We are not a lending institution but have in-house financing as well as partners that finance our customers. We have a short application and most of our partners give decisions quickly. Applications are processed on a case-by-case basis. All financing agreements have terms clearly stated so that you remain in control of your business credit decisions.
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We work with clients and answer key questions that business leaders ask regarding financing options for business solutions:
  • I have bad credit. Will you finance business services?
  • I have a very small business and have not made much money. Can we get financing?
  • I have a very big enterprise. It takes a while for us to cut checks. Will you give us time to pay for products and services?
  • I'm trying to grow my business. I need time to pay. Do you offer flexible payment plans?
  • Can I build credit and trust with your company?
Here's what we guarantee concerning financing options:
We will approve every business at least once for some amount with us.

We have clearly stated terms.
We are fair in the process.

We will work with you to help you finance our products, services, and business solutions. Our mission is to help localbusinesses grow for peace and prosperity. If we have to reach out to multiple partners, then we will work hard to try to find a lender who will approve you.
            Payment Plans 
We have multiple payment plans.

We want your business to grow.
If you're good to us and pay on time, then we'll be good to you and offer you more in-house credit.

We will be professional in dealing with your business matters.
Option 1: IBM Global Financing
Are you trying to close a deal with us for $5,000 USD to $500,000 USD for any of our software solutions_ custom and/or off-the-shelf? As an IBM Business Partner, we work with IBM. IBM Global Financing is the world's largest IT captive financier with over 30 years of experience with a deep understanding of organizational technology and financial needs, has a total asset base of  $39 Billion USD, and operates in over 60 countries worldwide.  

IBM Global Financing stands ahead of the competition with:
  • An unmatched selection of flexible financing solutions and attractive rates.
  • Solutions at every stage of the IT lifecycle - from acquisition to equipment disposal - so there’s no need to deal with multiple financing vendors for different needs.

For clients who need to innovate and grow, IBM Global Financing offers flexible financing that helps minimize up-front payments and better align cost outlays with anticipated benefits. Financing helps businesses of all sizes:
  • Minimize up-front payments and better align project cost outlays with anticipated benefits
  • Accelerate the time required to recover the project costs
  • Preserve cash and existing lines of credit for other requirements
Financing can turn up-front costs into predictable payments, providing you with benefits such as maximizing cash flow and conserving cash.

So, how long does it take?
We can get you a financing quote instantly!
Generally, after running the credit, we can give you a proposal and signature-ready contract within 24 hours.

IBM Global Financing (IGF) is prepared to compete with all viable financing options available to you.

Ask us about 0% software financing. Call 229-352-9531 or Click to love chat with us today.

More IBM Global Financing Benefits
BM Global Financing can provide a convenient, cost-effective alternative to purchasing that can help you:

Protect against technology obsolescence 
Leasing provides technological flexibility and marketplace agility by allowing credit-qualified clients to upgrade to the latest technology at mid-lease or end-of-lease.

Free up capital and preserve credit lines 
IT financing helps preserve cash and traditional credit lines for other strategic investments and allows your clients to be more responsive to business opportunities.

Reduce costs and improve return on investment 
Leasing makes solutions more affordable and provides payment and term flexibility tailored to match project costs to expected benefits and achieve rapid return on investment.

Simplify budget management 
IT hardware, software and services, from IBM and other vendors, can all be financed through IBM Global Financing - greatly simplifying the finance contract, billing and support. Choosing to lease over purchase can mean significantly lower, fixed payments, which translates to lower expenses and more buying power.

Let us help you apply for financing our solutions as well as off-the-shelf IBM solutions: TopBrainiac.SalesMarketing, TopBrainiac.Sales, TopBrainiac.Marketing, TopBrainiac.Commerce, TopBrainiac.HumanResources, TopBrainiac.Operations, TopBrainiac.FinancialServices, TopBrainiac.Healthcare,  IBM Big Data & Analytics, IBM Cloud, IBM MobileFirst, IBM Security, IBM Social, and IBM Watson.

Call today 229-352-951 or click for live chat.

Download brochures on financing.
Financing IBM Big Data & Analytics Brochure
Option 2: Do you need access to working capital?
Could your business use more capital to pay for our services and solutions? Advertise? Expand? Lease Equipment? We work with over 100 national, regional, and local lenders. We want you to receive the most capital with the lowest interest rate as quickly as possible.

So, what does it take to qualify for working capital?
Good Credit + 2 Year Seasoned Business with EIN = Up To $250, 000 USD in Business Credit!

What do you need to qualify as a start-up (up to $150,000)?
Good Personal Credit + Corporate Entity with EIN = Up To $150,000 USD in Business Credit!

  • Low Interest Rates
  • Unsecured/No Collateral
  • Stated Income/No Docs Required
  • No Restrictions on Use
  • Funding in as Little as 15 Days
  • No Upfront Fees
  • Lines Will Not Report to the Personal Credit Bureaus
Let us help you apply. Call us today 229-352-9531 or live chat. To apply on your own, click to submit an application online.

Download an unsecured business credit brochure and business funding solutions ad.
Unsecured Business Credit Brochure Business Funding Solutions Ad
Option 3: Ingram Micro Financial Solutions
Are you trying to close a deal with us for at least 5,000 USD for any Ingram Micro software or hardware solution? As an Ingram Micro Business Partner, we work with Ingram Micro. Ingram Micro Financial Solutions is a leading financier.

Download the Ingram Micro Financing brochure to see what Ingram Micro Financial Solutions can do for you.

Let us help you apply. Call us today 229-352-9531 or live chat. 
Ingram Micro Financial Solutions Brochure
Let's work together!
Let's work together! Don't let financing stand in the way of our services. Contact us today! 

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