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Cognitive Business Solutions
Data is a viable resource for companies to use. However, in many industries the expansion of data has outpaced human capacity to interpret the data. Cognitive computing can process all data_ internal, external, structured, unstructured, voice, visual, and gestural. Businesses can make better operational decisions, understand customer wants and needs, communicate in real time, and optimize business processes. Our experts apply cognition to transform your business, and they draw on machine learning, advanced analytics, data science, and industry knowledge.
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What are examples of how cognition can help a business?


Retail can use external data sources such as local weather and social sentiment to sense deviations in demand for certain products, make recommendations in replenishment to pricing, and improve demand forecasting.


Healthcare uses predictive modeling to assist with diagnosing patients and identifying risks. Oncologists use cognitive technology to personalize cancer treatment options.

Financial Services

In financial services, cognitive can be applied to better manage risk and provide guidance as well as investment options.


In education, cognitive technology is used to personalize academic instruction and enhance academic experiences for teachers as well as students.

Professional Services

Cognitive systems learn and provide expert assistance to scientists, engineers, lawyers, and other professionals with speed and accuracy.

City Leaders

For city leaders, cognitive technology helps with storm preparation as the technology can help leaders to predict electrical outages, plan evacuations, and prepare emergency management equipment and people to respond in areas with most need.
Cognitive technology does not replace human thought. Rather, it lets us think better. This helps humans to speed innovation and build smarter businesses. Only Top Brainiac uses its holistic approach to get you on the path to becoming a cognitive business. 
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