We are hiring! We have a startup culture. We're not traditional. We're laid back yet professional and progressive. We're on a first name basis. We value creativity, innovation, independence, and teamwork. We don't have space to house team members so our jobs are remote. Few require that you live closely to Albany, GA. However, you must be accessible via internet for communication __e-mail, web meetings, webinars, training, conferences, and the like. We value employee engagement and try to ease the stress of our high performing culture with fun. When you respond to a job posting, don't feel obligated to send us a traditional resume. Send us material that demonstrates your knowledge, skills, and abilities so that we can properly assess you. If it's in the form of a resume, then that's fine.
Top Brainiac's hiring process is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.
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We've already told you that we're not a traditional company.

Unlike some traditional companies, we don't post jobs for months on end with no intention of hiring anyone for the position.
We only keep jobs open for a few days and want to hire someone for every job we post.

Unlike some tradition companies, we don't post jobs that are no longer available on our job board as if they are still available.
We keep our job board fresh.

Unlike some traditional companies, we don't post jobs for the sake of posting them but already have the job earmarked for someone else.
We post jobs to give everybody a fair shot.

Unlike some traditional companies, we're not intimidated by your intelligence and/or high skill sets.
We welcome intelligence and high skills.

We are Top Brainiac!

Join the Top Brainiac Team

  • Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to find out when we'll post new jobs on our website. 
  •  Want to find out about a job? Join the job conversation on Twitter hashtag #TopBrainiacJobs. We'll post dates in advance on Twitter.
  • Follow us on Facebook for sporadic Facebook live video updates on Top Brainiac jobs.


Once an "Apply for this Position" link expires, you cannot apply for that position. Do not call, e-mail, or text us about positions. If we're interested in moving you forward in the hiring process, then we will contact you. If you want to know more about a job, then join a #TopBrainiacJobs Twitter conversation.
Yes, Top Brainiac participates in the U.S. government's federal E-Verify system, and we have our posters, in all languages that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) provides, to prove it.
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