Artificial Intelligence in Sports & Entertainment

Artificial Intelligence in Sports & Entertainment

As your trusted IBM and Microsoft Partner and Authorized Reseller, we can build artificial intelligence solutions for sports and entertainment on top of IBM Watson or Microsoft Cortana Intelligence. In addition, we can integrate dashboards so that you can quickly unlock methods to increase fan engagement and venue optimization just as Stacy does in the video. Artificial intelligence makes humans smarter faster. We build AI solutions to help entertainers target fans, boost ticket sales, use predictive analytics to control inventory, and use resources efficiently.

Use our AI technology to get a 360 degree view of fan engagement, uncover trends in purchasing behavior, see social media insights, get real-time visibility into promotion value, and increase marketing campaign intelligence. Have you ever wondered how some NBA teams drastically increased ticket sales? They used artificial intelligence.

We can build you a system like Second Spectrum and help you see results like professional teams. Our AI system allows you to analyze team performance. Strategize based on predictions with high efficiency. Let our machine learning technology remove the guesswork out of your player intelligence. The human eye can only see so much, but machines can see more and go beyond using basic statistics to probability of wins. 

If you need help getting started with artificial intelligence in sports & entertainment, then please, fill out our form below, and one of our artificial intelligence specialists will contact you shortly. We'll even discuss how you can use a chatbot to boost customer service and sales. Financing, payment plans, and trials available.

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